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two days in Dubai (May 2014)
on our way from Iran to Jordan we spent 2 days in Dubai. On our entire trip around the world Dubai was the only place we did not really like...
view over Dubai from Burj Khalifa
view over Dubai from Burj Khalifa
In Dubai it is so hot and dry during the entire year that the city can't survive without air conditioning and irrigation. After our two days in Dubai we ended up thinking that it feels wrong to build a city like this right in the desert with such hostile conditions.
Dubai downtown
Dubai Downtown
Don't get us wrong - Dubai was in some way fascinating with everything being shiny, big and often exaggerated. In Dubai everything is big - the highest building in the world, the biggest indoor skiing hall (ironically in a place where most of the year it is above 40°C), the biggest artificial islands. But Dubai also felt like a city without a "heart" - everything here is new and somehow a bit sterile.
when walking through Dubai it sometimes felt like walking through a perfume store - so many people put on so much perfume!!
as Dubai is a (rather strict) islamic city the metro does not run before 1PM on fridays (the holiest day of the week)
It was kind of frustrating that there are so many skyscrapers but none of them have public viewing platforms. Some have bars in the upper floors but we certainly did not have any clothes in our backpacks which would be according to the dress code...