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2 nights stopover in Doha/Qatar (April 2014)
We flew with Qatar Airways from Thailand to Iran. As they stop in Doha anyway we thought we might as well stay there for 2 nights. We did not expect much but once again we were pleasantly surprised.
As it got really hot during the day (around 38°C) we explored the city in the morning and went back to our room around noon. Like this we could escape the heat and when it got a bit cooler in the afternoon we went out again.
in the old Bazar
in the old Bazar
the Museum of Islamic Art
the Museum of Islamic Art
Abdul Wahhab Mosque
Abdul Wahhab Mosque.
This was the first Mosque we visited in a Muslim country and we were pretty impressed.
Doha is a city we would probably not go to for a one week holiday but we really enjoyed our 3 days there and are glad we stopped there.
it seemed very odd that when you travel to one of the richest countries in the world you have to pay 20 Euros to enter it
in Qatar one liter of petrol costs 0,20€
Doha is certainly not made for pedestrians - it was very hard to walk around as in many places there were no walkways
to get around Doha we prefered public buses instead of taxis. The percentage of women using puplic buses is very low - whenever we were on buses Verena was one of the only woman