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Hasta Luego Latino America (23. September 2013)
Oh Latino America you beautiful, fascinating continent! You have really enchanted us and given us such a wonderful time!

Has it really been two and a half months that we arrived in Santiago de Chile and started traveling through South America?
During our travel our sense of time somehow got lost... sometimes it feels like it was 2 weeks ago we started our travel, another time like we have already been traveling for a year.

Out of all the countries we visited in Latino America we liked Bolivia the best - such an amazing country with incredible landscapes (which sometimes seemed like from a different planet), beautiful cities and very friendly people.

Before we came to South America we read a lot about security problems and stuff getting stolen. During our 2,5 months of traveling through South America we did not have a single problem / single thing stolen. We generally felt very safe and have the feeling that if you follow some basic guidelines South America is no more dangerous than Europe.

We were so happy we learned some spanish back in Austria. We met some people who got along with just English but it was so nice to be able to talk with the people and hear what they think about their situation, their government and their country.

South America we will come back! :-)
Next stop: Easter Island (which we are very excited about!)
Hasta Luegeo Latino America

during our 11 weeks in South America we spent approximately 210 hours in buses. It does not feel so long though - probably because of many overnight buses.
the Internet speed in South America was way faster than expected. In contrary to Germany - which likes to call itself high-tech-country - there was free WIFI everywhere
many South Americans use their cellphone like a walkie-talkie
in South America (or at least the countries we visited) all the shops of the same kind are always in the same street. For example there is one street with dozens of lawyers, one with haircutters, one with stores for building material and so on
before we left South America we both got a haircut for 1,40€ each :-)
car drivers honk a lot for no real reason (at least for European-understanding)