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unexpected route-changes in Argentina (July 2013)
We planned to stay only a few days in Argentina but things ended up being a bit different... :-)
From San Pedro de Atacama (Chile) we drove over the Paso de Jama to Argentina. The elevation of this pass is around 4600m and we drove a long distance on that height. As we had not really acclimatized before we both got a head-ache due to the high altitude.
Paso de Jama
amazing clouds at Paso de Jama
Our first stop in Argentina was Salta - a very beautiful city which we liked a lot!
One morning at breakfast a guy from Columbia told us that we should really go to the Iguazu Falls. As it was only ;-) a 24 hour bus-ride from Salta to the Iguazu Falls we decided we should indeed go there - so we made a little detour / side-trip :-)
The Argentinian People were really very nice, helpful and warm-hearted. Additionally traveling in Argentina is very relaxed because we never had people running at us wanting to sell us hostels / trips / things. The only bad thing we could say about Argentinians is that they speak very quick and rather not so clear spanish ;-)
In the village of Puerto Iguazu we waited 2 days for good weather as we really wanted to see the waterfalls with sunshine. After two days of waiting and relaxing we started with the brazilian side of the falls. The waterfalls were incredibly big and beyond imagination - we could really understand why the Iguazu Falls were selected as one of the 7 new world wonders. The second day we went to the argentinian side where you are much closer to the falls.
From Iguazu we took a Nightbus to Resistencia where we spent the day and in the evening took the second Nightbus in a row to Salta. Luckily we can sleep pretty well in the (comfortable) busses so it was no problem spending two nights in the bus.
Our next stop was the picturesque town Purmamarca. The village is surrounded by colorful mountains and on the main plaza women sell all kinds of colorful dresses, tourist souvenirs and coca leaves.
Purmamarca - Cerro de 7 colores
Our last stop in Argentina was Humahuaca - another nice town in the middle of colorful mountains with a nice city centre. We only stayed there one night as we were eager to get to our next stop: Bolivia
NOTES & ANECDOTES making new friends in Humahuaca
almost all the Argentinians walk around with thermos jugs. They carry hot water for "Mate" Tea - a specialty in Argentina
"Home is where your WIFI connects automatically" ;-)
Argentina (like Chile) was rather expensive - the prices were like in Europe
all the young girls/women have very long hair (in Chile as well)
although it is winter here even at 3000m it is very hot during the day - so hot that we prefer staying in the shadow
  making new friends in Humahuaca