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Trip to Rome (February 2013)
for an extended week-end we went to the wonderful city of Rome together with our friends Krissi & Falk. We drove to Verona, ate Pizza there and took the train to Rome which arrived Friday night. The next morning we got up quite early and headed to the Vatican.
Rome Ponte St. Angelo
We wanted to climb Saint Peters Basilica but unfortunately it was not possible that day. Rome is like an open-air Museum and there is something to see at every corner. We walked until our feet hurt but filled up our energy constantly with Cappuccino, Focaccias,Tramezzinis and Dolces (sweets). Even though we were very tired in the evening we could not resist to grab our cameras after dinner and go back to the city center.
Rome Fontana di Trevi
The next morning we got up even earlier because we wanted to be at the top of Saint Peters Basilica as early as possible and enjoy the morning mood. The view over Rome was stunning and we were glad we avoided the masses which were chasing us ;-)
Vatican view over Rome
Afterwards we headed back to the city center and made our way through the city to the other side of the river to the beautiful Trastevere district. Trastevere has a very charming and relaxed atmosphere with all its narrow streets and small Caf├ęs and Restaurants.
We then continued up the hill into a park from where we had a magnificent view over the city with the snow covered mountains in the background. For the sunset we drove back to the Colosseum and then had a delicious & very funny dinner :-)
Contrary to the very sunny first two days the third day was cloudy and partly rainy. As you can imagine we took the opportunity to sleep a bit longer that day ;-) Nonetheless we had a wonderful day and walked around the city, searched & found some Geocaches, drank delicious and cheap Cappuccino (as usual) and admired the italian way of space-saving-parking :-)
Italian parking
As you can imagine this was only a short summary of our Rome visit - we saw & did many more things than we mentioned here but this would be way too much to write down ;-)
All 4 of us loved Rome and we would recommend visiting Rome without hesitation!!
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